About our mission
We are an Estonian labor leasing company. Hekler Industrial HR has currently mediated over 1000 leased employees for various positions. We have a successful cooperation experience with many companies including Betoneks AS, Muuga Betoonelement AS, Lasbet Tootmine AS, among others. We mediate leased labor both in Estonia and in Scandinavia.
  • High Quality
    You tell us who you are looking for to hire and under what conditions. Our experienced HR staff will find suitable candidates for you, we will review them together and find the right people for you
  • Unique Experience
    We organize the necessary documents, work clothes, accommodation, and transport for the employees. The workers will arrive ready to start work at your place
  • Good Support
    Our accounting and project managers ensure that working hours and wages are correctly calculated and paid on time. We pay all labor taxes on your behalf
We guarantee that all the specialists will be fully complied with your business needs.
Qualifications and Profile
The selection process of specialists begins with a clear understanding of the customer's business and evaluation of the project. The performance specification of the required specialist is determined on the basis of the job description and the specifics of the work.
Systematic Approach to Selection
We select specialists from the company's employee pool for the project based on the several key criteria: the scope of previous work experience, employment period, certificates, skills, knowledge of languages, personal qualities and recommendations. Thanks to the automatic coding and uploading system, we are able to find all suitable candidates quickly and efficiently.
Interview and Communication
An important part of the selection process is to determine the most suitable specialist for a specific project. Every new candidate completes a live interview to not only demonstrate his/her professional skills, but also their ability to work in a team, responsibility and other personal qualities.
Proficiency Confirmation
Every new candidate completes an academic test under the supervision of our engineer. Next, he/she completes a practical test at the training centre. All our employees have all of the necessary European qualification certificates.
List of Trained Professionals
We provide our customers with a list of selected candidates suitable for their requirements — experience, skills, certificates and an additional package of documents.
Full Package of Services
All specialists approved by the customer are sent to the project with a full package of documents (A1, qualification certificates, insurance, etc.), work clothes and necessary equipment at the request of the customer.
Ongoing Support
Prior to the beginning of the work, our supervisor accompanies our specialists to the place of their work to improve the integration process. Every week we receive reports on the working hours and quality of work performed from our partner. We can change employees on the basis of a reasoned claim filed by the customer.
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